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May 27, 2015


Tuomas Vainio

The Forever War: A guy sitting with his weapon resting on his lap, while the backround reveals a multitude of clocks. The tittle of the work is "The Forever War." I do not know if you have any military backround or experiences, but there is a whole lot of waiting to be done when you are in the 'army.' Waiting for something to happen. Waiting to reach somewhere. Waiting in silence while your mind is left to wonder what shall happen. Thus to me the cover art got the waiting part right, and makes me wait for something realistic to read.

The Space Merchants: On the backround we have a world on fire. Pitch black rockets, one of wich is taking off with the 'supports' still attached to it. The face of the man is either frozen in mid scream, or his last breath of air. The tiny men behind him seem to be running away from something. I am not expecting a comedic space adventure with a splash of romance and swashbuckling.

Planet of the Apes? Is it the novel, or the movie you refer to? I guess it is the movie, but you could have still linked cover images.

The Left Hand of Darkness: A planet of ice, with two faces sticking out. One feminine and the other masculine with both attached to the same head. Is that what remains of a two-faced alien "Statue of Liberty?" Anyhow, since the head or pillar with the two faces is not standing straight, the feminine face appears more dominant. Right, so we got an ice world and two faces of opposite human genders. Sounds like stuff about genders on an ice world.

On the first issue of Galaxy: Well, they appear quite frank about what they publish... but are they still publishing their brand of science fiction? Oh, not since 1980? Hmn... what was the best recent 'Science Fiction' series on television? I think most will agree when I bring up something called; Firefly, basically nothing but a western in space!

Gateway: We have spacecraft flying away from planets. Spacecraft that kind of look like luxury yacths, or just basically boats. There is a strange red line, but I have no idea what that is, since it does not appear to come from a gun of any kind. Oh, it is the engine trail for a third ship not on the cover. Thus, ships going away from planets, which means I would expect stuff to take place on those spaceships that design wise are not military on the first glance.

The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe; bunch of kids who surround a lion. Witch on the background with a stick raised ready to slap someone... with other random objects placed all around. Following the children's book art conventions, those are expectedly parts of the story. Is it about neverland found through a wardrope?

Star Trek: Should I provide links to the Star Trek episodes and scenes that were not about racial prejudice and the horrors of war?

Now, as for what Brad was talking; a story should not be just prejudice and the horrors of war. Although, both do make wonderful aspects of a story.

Gabriel Mckee

I think you may not have understood the purpose of this exercise. Brad was pretty clear he thinks this "problem" of social issues hiding under book covers with spaceships on them emerged in the last 20 years. These are just a few examples showing that that very thing has been a big part of SF since the early '50s, with tongue-in-cheek commentary. (Sarcasm, I know, does not translate well to the written word.)

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