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October 10, 2010



Great review - glad to hear it had a good reception at the premiere!

I was fortunately able to catch the preview screening in London, and have written a similar glowing review. Do go check it out on Future Conscience (

This is a must-see (and eventually, have) for every PKD fan! Hope it sees wider distribution.

Robert Cook

I just missed the screening here in NYC at the Gotham Film Festival a couple of weeks ago...and it was playing at a theater only blocks from my office, only an hour after I left to go home! I didn't know a thing about it until I got home that evening and decided to check the TOTAL DICK-HEAD site and saw the announcment...about ten minutes before showtime! Too late to go back.

I decided to reread the novel in preparation for seeing the movie soon enough, (I hope). I haven't read the novel since it's original release in the 80s and I have forgotten virtually all of it.

Revelation: it's TERRIFIC, and yes, a masterpiece. I was angry enough at Lethem for not including it in the "Valis" volume of the Dick Library of America collections, simply because it would have been a once in a lifetime chance to have two radically different versions of the same story bound together in one volume. Now that I'm rereading it and seeing how masterful it is, I find Lethem's editorial decision all the more foolish and a terrible waste of an opportunity. The previous LoA volume contained five novels; the third could also very well have included both RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH and A MAZE OF DEATH. the novel, see the movie (when it comes out), and...that's all, folks.


I truly can't wait to see this film! And I'm hoping it will screen in DC before it's released on DVD :)

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