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May 28, 2010


Lou Nolastnamegiven

Fascinating insights as always, Gabriel.

I always find it interesting that the more Science Fiction authors try to use Super-Science and Alien Technology to explain mystical events...the more plausible mystical explanations become.

"Galactus isn't a mystical force of the cosmos keeping the gods in check...'he' is really a swarm of interstellar robot locusts that all eat planets, create cosmically powered heralds, and wreck havoc for no good reason!"

"The Force isn't a magical force which binds all life in the cosmos and has a sentience all it's's a form of wild energy that can be controlled by sentient parasites in your bloodstream."

Ah, sheer gold.

Gabriel Mckee

Well put! I hadn't thought of the righteous fan anger over midichlorians in quite those terms... but you're definitely right, "a mystical energy field" does seem to pass our aesthetic Occam's razor a bit better than "sentient parasites."

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