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March 03, 2010



i will have to check that out. i came to Wicker Man late in life, but embrace it totally.

~ jenn v.


Is there any way to download this? It may not last long in the legit web, but damn! it does a better job than Nick Cage's inane non-interpretation. As a huge Wicker Man fan I must say that this is brilliant!

Gabriel Mckee

It looks like it's non-downloadable-- though the "print screen" button works in a pinch.

Debrevis De La Fontes

When I woke up this morning, how could I have possibly known that I'd need to deal with all the mixed emotions that come with having abruptly seen Miss Piggy naked... And, I mean, jeez, man, who knew she had such a great body? I sure didn't. I was innocent then, I guess.

Life is just full of terrible, terrible surprises, isn't it, Gabe?

Someday, you'll get yours.

John Weaver

Dear Mr. Mckee,
My name is John Weaver. I am a PhD candidate at SUNY Binghamton who just finished my dissertation on evangelicalism and literature, with some of my research dealing with evangelicalism and science fiction. I was wondering if you knew of any virulent anti-science fiction evangelicals from the past. I know about Mr. Herrick's work, but I'm also looking from authors from the 50's to the 80's. If you want to contact me, my e-mail address is {redacted}.

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