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February 17, 2010


John Anealio

It was fun participating in SF Signal's Mind Meld with you this week. I loved Alien Nation myself, and I'd love to see a reboot.

John McNichol

....I remember watching The Starlost on CTV back in Toronto when I was a little tyke in the 70s. Sad to see one of the cool main actors, Robin Ward, doing 2nd-rate shilling for PayTV and being a weatherman later on. He deserved better, IMHO.

Also: As you like Christianity and SF, You might enjoy I piece I put out a while back:


Ha! I knew it would be Alien Nation! YOU HAVE BEEN PREDICTED!

Arab Tv Satellite Programs

For a show that only aired 12 episodes, I have a really strong memory of Automan.  I'm sure that it probably wouldn't hold up very well today, but I sure loved it as a kid.

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