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September 14, 2009



This sounds vaguely Phildickian. Especially like the horrifying realization at the end of "The Faith of Our Fathers," if I'm remember the title correctly.

Also a bit like paranoid schizophrenia.

Delightful essay. Much appreciated.

Raandy Stafford

Thanks for the essay and link to the interview.

I just discovered Ligotti in the past year and wrote some relatively long Amazon reviews of his My Work Is Not Yet Done and Teatro Grotessco. The interview confirmed some of my suspicions about his worldview.

Dark Buddhism indeed! Only the unexamined life, it seems, if worth living.

Harvey Molloy

I pop in and read your log from time to time and I'm always rewarded. Thank you.


Excuse me, but where did you find that statue of the Buddha? I would like to purchase it because it captures the "essence" of the Void/emptiness. May you give me the URL or the place you found that image? Thanks.


Personally, I feel that Ligotti shares more with some form of Gnosticism (although I doubt that he believes in the pneuma) than he does with Buddhism. Interesting perspective, though.

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