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May 20, 2009


Sarah Connor

upsetting. i was pretty sure it was going, and dollhouse too. most of my favorite shows get canceled before the whole story (or even enough of the story) makes it to celluloid, and i was sure this would be no different. now i'll never know if man-unkind survives the apocalypse.

Gabriel Mckee

But that's just it-- we do know. The finale brought us nicely to where things were at the beginning of the first Terminator movie: a postapocalyptic future in which John Connor sends his best friend back to 1) protect his mother, and 2) become his father. I thought it wrapped up the entire thing perfectly (hence my not-that-upsetness).


I'm with you, I was enjoying T:TSCC, I was a late convert only started watching partway into the season

(Partially due to the clip you posted here of John Henrys question for God)

I was trying to figure out why I wasn't more upset it was canceled, but you nailed it, the ending was a good ending.

I'm loved Dollhouse since the beginning.

And I'm looking forward to V, but worried about some of the folks it may attract.

(I've ALREADY seen people claiming it's a thinly veiled attack on the Obama administration.)

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