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May 20, 2009



It depresses me to say this, but this experiment tends to prove the wisdom of TV networks going gutless and tame all the time. Now all we have to look forward to will be more sitcoms set in living rooms.

I think there is definitely a demand for this kind of show--if it is brilliantly written. If not brilliantly written, then it will only embarrass its audience, and die. Kings was a risky move on the part of the network. I doubt they'll try such a move again anytime soon.

(Yes, this means I doubt different marketing would have saved Kings. Everything about the show was great, except the dialog: something that tends to be kinda important.)


ARG! I *just* watched the first two pilot episodes on Hulu last night (we have no cable and spotty broadcast - have missed any promotion entirely. Only really knew about it thanks to Carmen and her blog at In The Open Space).

Was leery but intrigued. And, was looking forward to seeing how NBC developed it and where it was heading.

Guess I'll just watch the 5 episode Hulu has...

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