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March 05, 2009



"Han Solo frozen in carbonite doesn't at least rate a death-and-resurrection mention?"

Honestly, I think the carbonite is a play off the end of The Two Towers, where Frodo gets bitten by Shelob and left for dead until the next book.

The part 2 death/part 3 resurrection motif also occurs in The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Back to the Future, and X-Men 2... but I'm pretty sure the first instance was in LotR, and I believe that's what the reference is to.

Granted, Tolkien was probably thinking about Jesus, but I think Lucas was just thinking about Tolkien.

Of course, None of this contradicts your point that Empire deserves a nod when discussing religion: the end sequence with Leia hearing Luke's cries is perhaps the most spiritual moment in the entire franchise. Also one of the best.

Oh, and I agree that it's nice seeing something nice said about Superman Returns: that movie doesn't get the respect it deserves.


Babylon 5 didn't rate a mention?


Ha. I was in the midst of forwarding you the City Journal link when I thought "I should check his blog to see if he posted about this a few months ago, just in case." And right here at the top...

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