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February 15, 2009



While I liked the philosophical issues in Dollhouse, I didn't find the show engaging. I appreciate that Joss is trying not to repeat himself by leaving out most of the humor, but I'm not convinced he actually knows how to carry a "serious" show.

At least it felt like he'd taken the time to consider some of the issues of identity, rather than just paying them lip service.

Oh, and just a minor correction: I'm pretty sure they rent out brainwashed women AND men. Unlike Slayers, there are no gender requirements for being a "doll" or whatever they're called.


Of course, "Dollhouse" will probably be canceled by episode 4, before they get into the show's philosophy, and "Terminator" will probably be canceled by May upfronts, so who cares?

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i agree with this last comment. this show will be cancelled.

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