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January 08, 2009


steve davidson

After 'reviewing' your site - any chance you might want to send me a copy of your book for review? (It'll have to wait until I'm finished Saturn's Children, Zoe's Tale, Marsbound and The Accidental Time Machine) - but I AM intrigued by the subject matter.

I think you've got a very nice niche here.

I also think we could argue just about forever - or at least as long as the time frame between TDTESS-O and TDTESS-TR - regarding who was doing what.

True, the writers kind of fessed up years later, and Wise maintains his ignorance - but maybe he wasn't all that ignorant and laced just a little bit of 'directing' into his directing - particularly that smug, knowing smile by Rennie as he throws away the Carpenter laundry tag.

The 'crown-of-thorns' imagery is certainly good evidence - but if you look at any film from back then (directed and lit by masters), ALL of them were playing with light and shadow. There seems to have been a one-upsmanship game going on between directors in that regard and I think it's reasonable to argue that Wise was just struck by the shapes and shadows. His usage in that film was absolutely superb. The streets, when Billy sneaks out at night - brilliance!


Your Dawkins link is broken. :-(

Gabriel Mckee

Caithlin: Oops! Thanks for letting me know-- it should be working now.

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