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September 23, 2008


larry steckler

If you wish to learn more about Hugo Gernsback

I’ve recently published a new 900-page biography about the life and times of Hugo Gernsback. It is available on Amazon. Just follow this link:

The manuscript was found while I was in the process of closing down Gernsback Publications Inc. in 2003. It was apparently written some time in the 1950’s. It covers all the areas that Hugo found interesting: wireless communications, science fiction, publishing, patents, foretelling the future, and much more.

Want more info? Contact me at


Interesting. This fits with my own surprise at reading the Golden Age SF Hall of Fame collection and finding a certain amount of religion/religious folks therein.

And there are so many varieties of "religion" and "atheism" and so many subtle variations in people's definitions to those words. Stark conceptual dividing lines like those (or even 'belief' and unbelief' or 'naturalist' and supernaturalist') simply don't do justice to the usual complexity of human attitudes.


I always wondered where the Displacer Beast came from....

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