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September 14, 2008




(My one word comment. My wife also agrees on the whole melting faces bit as she packed off the kids to bed early and didn't watch past the first 5 minutes. Given that it's from the "creators of Lost, I expect this show to get more frustrating, not less.)

James McGrath

Definitely not good for one's digestion.

I can't help wondering whether this is another show, or simply LOST from a different angle. It seems that, even though it was introduced somewhat later, the idea of corporations searching for the science behind the supernatural is there in LOST too.

Anyone want to bet that when LOST ends, Matthew Abbadon adopts an alias and joins the FBI? :)


We're hooked so far. The mad scientist dad and Massive Dynamics' hench-PR-woman Blair Brown make the show form me. It may wear in time, but for now,we watch it for Crazy Pop PhD and the next kooky bit in the conspiracy of the Pattern. It's no X-Files yet.



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