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August 26, 2008


JS Bangs

And it's not just Islam. That quote manages to slight orthodox Christians and Jews as well, praising Christianity and Judaism only because their adherents "don't let them interfere with there everyday life". This is just old-fashioned anti-religious bigotry.


Wait, the "rapidly-disappearing ultra-orthodox Jew?" I thought the Orthodox were doing quite well, thanks to high birth rates as well as conversions.


Mack Reynolds, at his best, wrote some very entertaining political sf, with a lot of libertarian stuff thrown in. But for some reason, his stuff is just a little bit out of step with the people who would probably most sympathize with his writing. Also, his books are interesting while you read them, but not so much afterward.

His Star Trek novel for kids has been reprinted, though. Which was pretty amazing, because even real Trekkies and Trekkers didn't really recall its existence until it was reprinted.


Those two books are in the public domain now and can be found on the Internet. Being in print may not mean so much anymore.

Black Man's Burden by Mack Reynolds

Border, Breed Nor Birth, by Dallas McCord Reynolds

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