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April 09, 2008



I recall Morrison saying in an interview that Superman is "like Christ," because he's an exemplar who inspires. Other Morrison projects, like DC One Million, have made similar points.

I think Morrison comics have taught me just as much about religious and mythological ideas than any non-fiction I've read...

Eric Orchard

Really fascinating blog!
Stuff I often think about, I'm reading a Bova book now and I keep having science religion morality thoughts rolling around in my head. Great writing.

Erin Snyder

I particularly like that Nietzsche was given a cameo. I don't think it takes anything away from Siegel and Shuster to recognize that they didn't create Big Blue in a vacuum. Albeit indirectly, Nietzsche contributed a great deal to the mythology and religion of Superman. Of course, if he knew he had contributed to anything "religious" he'd probably be rolling in his grave. But that just makes the whole thing all the more enjoyable.

When you really start to dissect Superman it becomes clear that Lana Lang was right all along: Superman does belong to the world. His powers were originally taken from mythical figures, his name from philosophy, and, as he's evolved, he's grown more and more religious a figure. His flight, well... I'm just going to attribute that to Peter Pan, because I've never heard a better theory.

Of course, I still consider it a positive development that Siegel's family is being awarded some money. Superman may fundamentally be a creation of the world, but I'm pretty sure Siegel and Shuster had more to do with it than some WB executive.

von Aurum

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