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March 17, 2008



I just discovered your blog a couple weeks ago (thanks to a tip from Revealer, I think), and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

I think your essay on Funny Games is spot on. I came across the original film on IFC while channel surfing awhile back. I'm not a big fan of "torture porn", and I surfed on, but the lingering discomfort I felt from the few minutes I'd watched soon pulled me back, and it quickly became apparent what Haneke was doing.

It wasn't just the camera winks and the remote control scene, but the editing. That extended shot of the living room after the boy was killed was one of the most unpleasant viewing experiences I've ever had (at one point I think I actually yelled, "For God's sake cut already!"), and will forever be imprinted on my “cinematic psyche”. It was a slap in the face to makers and fans of American horror films, which immediately move on after every kill and never show the unbearable aftermath of violence. As you said, it’s not a film one can talk about in terms of “like or dislike”. I place it the same category as movies like “Deliverance” or “Requiem for a Dream” – important and memorable works…that I never want to see again (though I am curious whether he employs the same techniques in the remake…).

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