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February 11, 2008



Ah Grant Morrison... how I love him. In a strictly platonic way of course. Seven Soldiers of Victory has Zatanna break through into the world of the Seven Unknown Men:

For all the rambling preachiness of Promethea, I really enjoyed it, particularly the whole journey-to-heaven sequence. It was very imaginative: the different realms of Godhood, the encounter with Christ, the fallen realm that corresponds to the asteroid belt - particularly the part where Promethea and her friend watch Pan and Selene have sex, and the witness the Big Bang of Primal Orgasm, or whatever, and the giant "I" (or was it "I Am?") appears... All very cool.


One of my favorite character-meets-God moments had to be in Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Johnny dies, and winds up in heaven. The God he meets is a fat, lazy thing that hasn't done anything since creating the universe, stating that he still needs some downtime.


Does Battle Pope count? :D

Sam Humphries

What about God talking to Virginia Applejack in Stray Bullets?


how about Howard the Duck's meeting with god?

Jay Tea

Geez Louise, how could anyone forget Wally the God-boy in Peter David's run on Supergirl? That really, really hurts this PAD fan. A recurring character who put forth a lot of interesting theological concepts in a novel fashion.


Ford MF

Ten points for a Stray Bullets reference!

Black Rabbit

Actually, God (David Lapham) talks to Amy Racecar, not little Ginnie Applejack. And lest anyone forget, in Rob Walton's Ragmop, God ("the Tetragrammaton")is one of the senior henchmen of the *real* higher-ups.

Also, does Swamp Thing count?

Andrew Tripp

A few others for you:

Lucifer has Lucifer, Elaine, the Silk Man, and Lillith meet with God.

Spawn encounters God in the Apocalyptic battle where he discovers that the Man of Miracles is the God behind God.

Bethany Black encounters God in Strange Girl.

Steven M. Bergson

Let's not forget "the ghost who walks" (aka The Spectre) and his conversations with G-d, using a special (gothic?) font and yellow lettering for his disembodied voice.

I'd have to look it up, but if memory serves, in DC Presents #29 Superman and Spectre talk to G-d after Superman almost breaks through some special barrier that separates the Heavenly realm from the ... ummm ... rest of the universe.

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