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September 28, 2007


Ian Stewart

Ah, to live in New York… wish I could have been there for that. It's hard to imagine a cooler evening—for PKD fans, I mean.

Also, some strange disturbed part of me still wants to see Paycheck. Is it really that bad? Worse than Total Recall bad?

Gabriel Mckee

You know how there's that one scene in Total Recall where the guy tries to convince Arnold to take the pill that will make him wake up, and it's actually moderately Dickian and the best part of the whole movie? (Lethem even mentioned it, in fact). Well... Paycheck doesn't have a scene like that.

Maury Souza

I agree with you that I would have much preferred Maze of Death instead of Last Year. Maze is prolly one of my top three PKD books.

Also, I would have substituted Penultimate Truth for Martian Time Slip.

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