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June 14, 2007



This movie lost ANY credibility it had at the point when bloody Freddy Krueger showed up. Also, the films characters may have showed the different approaches to mysticism, but so do pamphlets, and they were just as flat. And Mr. Boyle going on about how scientifically accurate his film is (interviews with him were actually printed in the Science section of German newspapers) is just ludicrous.
It has merits tho as it gave us hours of fun after seeing it going over the most stupid points- and yes, I said hours. Sorry.

Michael N

I'm with you re: Event Horizon

Peet Gelderblom

Wow, excellent article! I really like your take on the film.


Isn't it interesting, as well, that Capa finally experiences his moment of catharsis during the victory of science? Personally, I loved how the final act made me feel as a spectator. As if the film itself had crossed the boundaries of reason and insanity (or a higher power) threatens to take over. To get a better idea of what I'm hinting at, you can read my article on the film at The House Next Door.

Oh, and count me in regarding Event Horizon, although Sam Neill and much of the dialogue bugs me.

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