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January 21, 2007



Interestingly, I had a dream many months back wherein I was in the middle of a zombie "plague" or whatever at a college or similar place (any similarities to the Cleansing are completely coincidental, I'm sure...). In any event, I was the last person alive on Earth trying to flee the zombie horde, but I was trapped in typical dream fashion. Finally, I just gave up and let them bite me. At that point, everyone stopped swarming and such, walked into classrooms (myself included) and began to conduct classes as if nothing had happened. Once I had been "converted" so that EVERYONE was a "zombie" or whatever, society just went back to doing what it always did, with everyone acting relatively "normal." I remember waking up and finding the reversal very interesting.

I should add that I've never read that book, nor seen any of those movies.

I also once had a film idea where the rapture was being carried out through violent crime and serial killers, and that people were actually thwarting god's work by enforcing the law. (also the whole slightly more generic "am I chosen/am I crazy" thing was in there as well, as it was from a criminal's perspective)


Excellent review. After reading the book and already seeing Omega Man and I am Legend, I really want to watch Vincent Prices The last Man on Earth.

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