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October 25, 2006


álvaro josé castro rivadeneira

Someone suggested I read this post. Briefly I'll comment:

1. You misrepresent Russell, Dawkins and Dennett.

2. The atheists you refer to have as much "fundamentalism" as a math teacher who insists 1+1=2. They don't claim god rewards you if you blow yourself up or you protect the Jerusalem that belongs to you with guns, tanks and systematic abuse of Palestinians. They don't beat up homosexuals or support imprisonment for women who practice abortions.

3. Religion is a social phenomenon (I'd have thought you'd understand that from Russell's essays) and is in essence different to any independent belief on some ethereal, mystic universal essence you may have.

4. Even so, “that than which a greater cannot be conceived" is as vacuous a statement as “that than which a smaller cannot be conceived" or “that than which a greener cannot be conceived", etc. Oh, but Deepak Chopra is probably the one who can conceive the greatest, so he probably has the direct channel to god. He should be our prophet and supreme world leader.

5. Non-falsifiability (and lack of proof as well) are hardly things to boast about. I really wonder what you get out of Russell, such as his china teapot example.

6. But the most wonderful part is that you claim to know what god is. I'm sorry, I made a mistake, YOU should be our next prophet, not Deepak Chopra.

7. I have to insist. I doubt you've ever read Dawkins or Russell other than through indirect citations in articles.

8. Oh, and, sorry, but theology is a non-subject. It's as much of a subject as fairies. One can study fairies in literature or in art, but don't waste too many government resources on it, because there are tons of subjects that fulfill the non-falsifiability/no proof criterion including: gods, fairies, invisible aliens, ghosts, spirits, angels, and the greenest things you can conceive...

Gabriel Mckee

...Deepak Chopra?

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