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August 27, 2009



Just watched the pilot and became intrigued by all the religious symbolism. The script and a few of the characters seem weak at times, but it seems like a very promising SF show and I hope it doesn't end up in the dump after one season like Fox's John Doe and Firefly, and ABC Family's Kyle XY which ran for 3 seasons.

I'm also looking forward to watching Flashforward after reading Sawyer's novel last year.

Ian Randal Strock has reviewed most of the series thus far, but the reason we're not doing handsprings of joy is that it just isn't that good. It's nice for ABC to say "look: intelligent drama set in space." But the drama isn't that intelligent, the space isn't really space, and the quasi-religious Big Mystery that will never be revealed just isn't big enough to grab. My reviewer also notes that the classical referencces are poorly researched. See the following reviews: , , and .

Gabriel Mckee

Not that I'd define Defying Gravity that way-- I think it's pretty good-- but a show not being very good has never stopped SF fans before! The second Outer Limits series was on for, what, 7 years? SciFi/SyFy's entire lineup of original shows are, let's face it, not so hot.

A more polite way to put it: SF fans have generally been pretty good at looking past a show's shortcomings (for upwards of 10 seasons, in some cases), or even touting a mediocre-at-best show (*cough*Heroes*cough*) as the greatest thing EVAR. Or, on the other side of that, cynically refusing to find redeeming qualities in things that aren't that bad, or are pretty good. (An earlier version of this post was a big ol' rant about why some people can't seem to enjoy *anything*, but it got waaay off-topic-- it had more to do with people's still-incomprehensible-to-me reactions to the BSG finale, which I thought was great.)

I'm certainly willing to look past DG's shortcomings-- particularly since there's pretty much never been another SF show of this kind.


I like it. I only heard about it after reading a review on a blog. By ep I'm hooked.


i'm totally with you on this one. i agree, the show has its shortcomings, and maybe i'm too generous, but i actually enjoy it.


humans are 10 seconds from singularity and this is the best the networks can't put forward?. Defying Gravity is just recycled schlock from a dying tv drama past. Science Fiction is full of fresh ideas which this show is not. HATE it


Thanks for the review, I love the show... The moral quandaries, the light philosophical speculation and the general moodiness of it. I really liked this one, too bad ABC just canceled it! To think utter garbage like Eureka and Warehouse 13 can make it, and something this smart can't, oh well better not go there.

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