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May 08, 2009


charlotte gordon

I have just found your blog thanks to RD. I am now going to watch Caprica, thanks to you. I am glad you are out there reviewing these shows and books and films for us. Bravo!


I believe the the BSG creator/creators are mormon, which are not monotheistic like they claim but polytheistic (Google it if you don't believe me), so it's not entirely surprising to see a pantheon of gods being worshipped as the primary religion in the show. Why the monotheists are being portrayed as terrorists I don't know but I'll keep watching and see.

Gabriel Mckee

Glen Larson, who created the original BSG, is Mormon, and intended the show as a vague science-fictionalization of Mormon concepts. IIRC, the creators of the remake claim not to have known about Larson's Mormonism while they were planning their show, though they may have let some elements seep back in after they learned about it.

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