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November 20, 2008



Thanks for this post. I agree with your conflation of the terms religion and spirituality. They are pretty much the same thing. However, I would substitute "organized religion" for "church". Too many people are looking "out there" for a relationship with God that all can experience "in here".

I came to your blog through a Google search for reviews of Tessa B. Dick's bio of her late ex-husband PKD, and stayed to read this amazing post on religion and Grant Morrison, great comics author and magician second to Alan Moore, only to scroll down and see that you have a review of Neal Stephenson's Anathem. I will definately be stopping by to read more and post more than just effusive compliments.



Mr. Morrison's comment about religion as a source of comfort raises an interesting point - if all it is is a source of false comfort, is that of any value at all?

St Paul in a letter to the church of Corinth completely rejects the idea of Christianity as a source of comfort. Speaking about the question of resurrection, Paul indicates that if Jesus Christ was not resurrected as the bible claims, then the Christian faith is not only false but also worthless, and that Christians should be pitied.

In other words, the bible completely rejects any idea of Christianity as a source of comfort.

I agree. If the gospel (or any other religion for that matter) is false, then its followers should be pitied for following a false hope.

David Ellis

Hi, I thought you might be interested in a recent post at the blog THE WORLD IN THE SATIN BAG:

In it the blogger argues that genuinely supernatural entities cannot appear in a science fiction story---if they do, its fantasy, not SF.

In the comments section I've had a long and interesting discussion disagreeing with him and pointing out that this excludes the possibility of christian (or other religious) SF and that it, in essence, makes "genuine" SF hostile to religion.

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