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July 10, 2007




And, it's my impression that Warren Ellis takes ANYTHING to be proof for God's non-existence. Zombies, kittens, rainbows... ;-)

I like the bit about Hershel - it's a good point. The philosophical debate over God's existence or non-existence tends to recede into the background when the believer is simply trying to live out a life of love and hope.


Elliot!!! hhaahahahah. Kittens? hahahaha.

Anyway, I have the perfect song for the soundtrack of the evangelist zombies. It's by Audieo Adrenaline from several years back: "Some kind of Zomie" They definitely got that metaphor.

Part of the lyrics:

But Im dead to sin like
Some kind of zombie.
I hear you speak and I obey
Some kind of zombie
I walked away from the grave
Some kind of zombie
I will never be afraid
Some kind of zombie
I gave my life away.
I'm obliged and obey
I'm enslaved to what you say

Mir--who, coincidentally, got her original Zombie art from Monster by Mail today. :D

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